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Mermaid stained glass

$130.00 $160.00

This design measures 12” tall and is fully customizable when it comes to colors. 

Starting with the tail, I tend to lean towards two different textures of opalescent glass. If you would like a certain color please let me know.

Then for the body my default is normally a clear glass, but I also have a light peach color, tan, and a few different shades of browns. These will all be translucent and very minimally textured glass. Please let me know which color you would like. 

Last is the hair. You may choose whatever color you’d like, the only one that isn’t an option is true black. Some colors that I like to use for hair are grey, purple, red, or a subtle yellow (blonde). I have nearly every color of glass though so just let me know what you’re thinking! 

Please type your color selections in the notes section of your order. 

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