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Jewelry Workshop


**** This listing is to streamline invoicing prearranged classes and to provide information on scheduling a class, do not purchase without contacting me first please  ****

Class takes place in my studio in Palmer near the Butte, the address will be emailed after registration.

During this class you will create a necklace in the same technique that all of Seaglass and Stardust’s jewelry is made. You will not leave with the finished piece, it will be ready for pick up or mailing 3-4 days after the class. This is due to the technique itself needing 20-60 hours for the metal to become thick and sturdy enough for a lasting piece of art. 

At at the beginning of class you will choose a stone(s) from my personal stash - I have everything from Seaglass to opals, rough and polished gemstones, from large statement pieces to small detailing stones. You will be given free rein at designing your own piece, being guided by myself with tips on style and assembly. At this time I ask students not to bring their own stones to be used as there is a lot of science and knowledge behind protecting stones through this process. 

After the basic assembly, students will see what “The Bath” is and how it works, and will see the initial stage of copper growing on their piece. Pieces need to be in the bath for 20-60 hours while the metal deposits and builds up particle by particle and I will be tending to it over the next few days after the class. 

This general structure of the class, while it doesn’t have the instant gratification of leaving with a finished piece like my stained glass classes do, is very important in providing a quality product and giving you your money’s worth. This process cannot be rushed and is extremely finicky, hence the price of the class and the price of my products. 

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During this busy summer season I do classes on a request basis. I’m generally available any day and time so we can work with your schedule. To get the ball rolling send me an email that includes some days and times that work for you and how many people there will be. The best class size is 3 people so you really get a lot of one on one attention and learning. Larger or smaller classes are definitely an option, just note that the more people there are, the longer classes last. I do cap jewelry classes at 6 students.

If you are interested in doing both glass and jewelry classes I also offer doing both in one day. These workshops generally last 5-6 hours and can be one on one or I can teach 2 students at once. Please email me for scheduling and pricing. 

 Email to schedule. 

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