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Ran by yours truly, Nicole Loffredo, Seaglass and Stardust is brought to life on a little farm in Palmer, Alaska. 

What is Electroforming?

Electroforming makes me feel like a mad scientist. You can create so much through electroforming that you simply cannot make through other forms of art. To bring everything down to the basics, I use an electrical current to essentially grow copper onto an item over the course of 20-60 hours. The end result is one thick sturdy piece of jewelry with no seams or joints. All of the copper used in my work is recycled from my family’s telecommunication company. 

Stained Glass

Stained Glass products were added to my store Summer 2016. I've always admired stained glass work and decided I should try my hand at it. By the time I had the basics down, I was in love. I have had so many jewelry-based ideas that I just couldn't bring to life until I found the art of stained glass. Some days after working on opal rings, I close my eyes and just see landscapes made of opal. Other days I'm working on geometric inspired necklaces, and have visions of shapes layered together. What I'm trying to convey here is that Stained Glass has become an outlet for these beautiful pictures that used to be trapped in my head.

I mainly use the traditional copper foil method of stained glass, but I am utilizing lead came more and more in my work. No matter which process I use, each piece starts out as a drawing which I then trace onto sheets of glass and hand cut. Sometimes cutting glass by hand doesn’t give you the smoothest lines or best fit, so the next step is to grind down each piece. You then have to clean the glass, meticulously apply copper foiling to the edges, burnish (squish the air out from under the foil so it adheres well), and then finally solder. Once the piece is securely connected, a three stage cleaning process must be done before the item is ready to be hanged.

Lead is used in my work, either through Lead Came or lead based solder. However these uses of lead don't pose risks just by having them in your home. Simply keep the pieces out of reach of children and pets, and don't eat off of them, lick them, etc.


Custom Orders

If you have an idea for either a glass piece or jewelry piece, or simply see a ring you can't live without but it's the wrong size, just send me a message! I can easily be reached via email or Instagram Direct Message @seaglassandstardust


I do not accept returns, but if you order a ring and it’s the wrong size simply contact me and we can exchange it for the correct size. 

Class fees are non-refundable, if you sign up and are unable to come please let me know in advance and we can move you to another date. My classes fill up quickly so please be aware of your schedule.

Shipping Times

Right now my processing time is 2-8 weeks. Unfortunately life happens and this summer has thrown many setbacks my way, which has really stretched out my turnaround for some products. Thank you in advance for understanding that I am only one person and that I make everything with my own two hands.

Days to weeks of work go into every single piece I create. However there are many items listed on the website individually, stating that you'll receive the exact item in the photo. Those pieces are what we like to call "Ready To Ship" (RTS) and will be packed up and sent out within 24-48 hours upon order being placed. 

Sticker and clothing only orders will be shipped within 4 days of the order being placed.

For the time being, tracking numbers are not being provided unless an issue arises with your order. My printer died and I've been shipping in person which leaves me with a mile long receipt full of tracking information.


More detailed information regarding classes can be found under the individual class listings but I will run through the basics. My studio is detached from my cabin (and bathroom) by about 250'. It is heated by woodstove so I always recommend layers. Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks! If you are wanting to take a class either by yourself or with a group but the listed dates don't work for you, just email me and we can get a class set up on your schedule.



Professional photos by Donna Marie Photography. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram!