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Podcasts, mostly about murder

I’ve been telling you guys for months now that I would write this post, and here it finally is! Drum roll please... I’m going to tell you all of the podcasts that I listen to! 


If you follow my instagram or see me at shows you know that I listen to them practically all day every day. I think my Stitcher app is at 1300 hours or so of listening. And I only downloaded that app not even a year ago. I think I may have a problem. 


My first podcast was True Crime Garage and I loved how detailed and raw the episodes were, and the little bit of dry humor that The Captain brings to the episodes. But the main guy always shut down the humor and seems annoyed constantly, plus it just becomes so monotone and is great to fall asleep to. But if you’re looking for straight up facts they’re great and do wonderful research! I may also be biased against them because their instagram community is kind of full of douches leaving crappy comments about female podcasters. 


My second podcast remains my #1 - My Favorite Murder. One of their big quotes is “You’re in a cult, call your dad” which is ironic considering they now have what you could call a cult following. The hosts Karen and Georgia (and of course STEVEN needs mentioned, you’ll understand the caps once you listen) accomplish covering crime cases with grace and respect while also mixing in humor that has me laughing so hard in my car that I literally start crying and other drivers likely think I’m completely nuts. I had to pull over once because I couldn’t breathe. They’re great. They also get personal in the episodes and I really appreciate that because now it’s like I have tiny friends who live in my phone and talk to me while I’m working. 


MFM also does live shows now and are doing their first weekend-long event in November in Santa Barbara and I am 100% buying tickets and bringing a purse full of prints and stickers that are true crime related. It will be the best weekend ever. MFM followers have dubbed themselves Murderinos and the entire community is just the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. We all have the same awkward anxiety-ridden luminol-obsessed “always spouting weird facts in the corner of the party” personalities and I cant even imagine how great it will be to have an entire city taken over by us. I have a tattoo on my elbow that has poisonous flowers from Alaska and reads their slogan, Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered. I also have a ring from a shop called WillaJune Jewelry that has that stamped on the band, I never take it off. 


My #2 is a tie between Wine and Crime, and And That’s Why We Drink (ATWWD). They’ve done mashups before and reference each other a lot too so I’m just going to mush them together. Both podcasts have a really cool mix of humans who each have their specialties on the podcasts. ATWWD features Christine who chugs wine and rambles about murders, and Em who loves milkshakes and used to be a professional clown and tells the best ghost/haunting stories and it’s been amazing listening to the growth of their podcast and friendship. 


Wine and Crime has three hosts and three sections and the most wine drinking I’ve ever heard of. They do “Drunk Dives” sometimes too after recording an episode where they get even more drunk and really get into cases. It’s wonderful and hilarious and each of their personalities are just the best. They pick a different “theme” for each episode and each pick a different case to cover that is usually loosely related to the theme. 


Both of those podcasts are also great at being respectful, and are arguably even more funny than MFM. They don’t have the scale of following and publicity as MFM has gained and I think that kind of allows them a little more freedom to be more inappropriate which I enjoy. These definitely aren’t ones you want to listen to with children around. But I mean you probably shouldn’t listen to any murder related things with children around anyways. Insert shrug emoji.


Next up is Ologies. Alie Ward is the host and dear god she has the best dad humor in the universe. She interviews different Ologists in different fields and has covered everything from hagfish and ants and bees and butterflies to bleach and makeup and just the most random things you can think of. You learn so much in each episode and my absolute favorite one is the Butterfly episode. I’ve listened to it three times so far. Go learn shit!!! And then go beat peoples butts at your local trivia nights.


Last Podcast on the Left is definitely up next. The three guys that host this show don’t hold ANYTHING back and things get gross and dirty but they also do the best research I’ve ever seen in a show and they make sure you get ALL of the facts even if it means a five part series on one topic and one of them nearly joining Scientology. The first time I listened to an episode of this I was like “oh god I cant do this they’re douches” but I finally caved and gave them a second chance and I’m so glad I did. I listen to them every week now and there’s some episodes that I have listed in my head to make friends listen to during upcoming road trips and flights. They don’t just cover true crime but they do conspiracy theories, aliens, religions/cults, history, etc. If you want a recommendation to start with, I really enjoyed the Robert Hansen one because he was Alaskas serial killer and it was interesting learning so much about him. The Israel Keyes one was also really good and it’s hilarious listening to them try to pronounce all of the Alaskan cities. My other favorite is definitely the Rendelsham Forest one because they get so deep into alien things and this story is nuts. 


Next I’m going to combine two again because I found them at the same time and they’re similar, Keep it Weird and Two Girls One Ghost. Their names really explain it all and they just have crazy interesting topics. My brain is slowly turning into mush because I’m definitely typing this while running my fair booth but go add them to your list of things to try out. 


If you aren’t someone who hears about weird diseases and then thinks “oh god I have all of those symptoms, am I going to die?!” then you should try out This Podcast Will Kill You. It’s two girls in med school of some sort who record episodes about different diseases. They get really in depth but in a way that a regular person can understand. It’s really interesting learning so much about the history and process and prevention of things like rabies, yellow fever, etc. 


I think this may be the last recommendation for now but if you just want something to listen to that isn’t really about anything specific and is just a kind of Feel Good nice thing to have on, turn on Do You Need a Ride. Karen from MFM rides around in a car in LA with another comedian named Chris Fairbanks, with STEVEN recording in the backseat, and they riff off of each other and tell you the weeeeird things they inevitably drive by, talk about things from their life, and usually are giving other comedian friends a ride somewhere, hence the name. It’s a really entertaining show and its what I go to when I’m feeling a little depressed from too much murder. 


One more because it’s local and really important and needs to be heard and known. Almost a quarter of a decade ago a young woman went on a date at Forest Fair right here in Alaska, in our little ski bum/stoner town, and was never seen again. Somebody knows something that could close this case and give the family peace and the host of this podcast put so much heart and effort into researching and interviewing everyone he could. It’s called Alaska Unsolved and the woman’s name was Erin Marie Gilbert. Go listen, go leave a review on iTunes so it stays in the charts, and share it on instagram. 


Here is a list of all of the podcasts that I’ve mentioned:


My Favorite Murder

Wine and Crime



Last Podcast on the Left

Keep it Weird

Two Girls One Ghost

This Podcast Will Kill You

Do You Need A Ride?

Alaska Unsolved


I definitely recommend Stitcher for listening to these, I feel like it has the best layout of all the apps. 


Next up I’ll probably do a post about all the crime shows that I watch and love. 

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