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Necklaces, rings, stained glass, oh my!

Hey guys! 

I’m seeing a lot of searches on my website for jewelry and glass, and as you’ll have noticed, nothing comes up! For the next month or so I have wiped my website clear of everything besides stickers as I am getting ready for the Alaska State Fair. This is the single biggest show I’ve ever done and the biggest show in Alaska. I’m working on building up my stock and just can’t keep up with having my online inventory updated as well. 

I’m running sales on Instagram, and as always anything you see on social media is available for purchase unless otherwise stated. You’re also ALWAYS welcome to message me or email me with custom order requests. I AM still open and filling orders, I just can’t keep up with my website upkeep currently. 

My email is and you can easily find me on Facebook and Instagram. 

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